Our Story starts with...

Being founded in December 2016, we started off by offering you advice and solutions to all your Inventory management matters. As we evolved and grew, we saw the need to add to our service mix by offering you advice and solutions to all your other business management matters.

​We aim to provide business solutions that keep growing with you. We ensure that the solutions we offer create an impact, are sustainable, viable and will keep you profitable. While a lot of our services can be performed remotely, we also believe in having that in-person experience. You will never be isolated and you will always be a part of the process along the journey.

Our mission at Perennial Business Consulting is allowing businesses that are facing difficult challenges to be able to overcome them and be a key contributing factor to the economy. It is when businesses are strong that our economy strives.
Our aim is to create and make an IMPACT to your business long after our projects are complete in the following way:

Integrity - by doing the right thing regardless of the consequences;

Meaningful - by delivering on solutions that add value to your business;

Pursuit of Excellence - by continually striving to beat your expectations;

Accountability - by taking responsibility for the things that we do.

Collaboration - by working as a cohesive team in achieving the end goal.

Timing - by ensuring that our projects are delivered on time to you.